Aman Rimba’s 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Here is a list of questions that are regularly asked, and our answers to them. If you have a question that is not on this list, please email us at [email protected] and we will reply within 24 hours,

1. Why is Aman Rimba called a private estate; is it not a hotel?

  • Aman Rimba is called a private estate because it is just that – it is one property housing six separate villas, available for booking as one destination.
  • Like a hotel, it provides accommodation, F&B, amenities, facilities and a variety of activities.
  • But it is made completely private to its guests; when guests are in residence, outsiders are not allowed to enter the premises, creating a private and exclusive space for Aman Rimba guests to enjoy the facilities to the fullest. You’ll never have to worry about meeting strangers at Aman Rimba!

2. Do guests have the option of booking just one or two rooms?

  • No, Aman Rimba is only available for booking as a complete estate.
  • It can accommodate 20 guests comfortably, and up to 35 with rollaway beds, but you can choose to have fewer guests in your group should you desire.

3. What is Aman Rimba most suitable for?

  • One of the beauties of Aman Rimba is that it is the perfect canvas for a variety of events.
  • Families choose to come here for family gathering or quiet getaways.
  • Corporates use it regularly for senior management meetings, brainstorm sessions, budget and planning meetings.
  • We have hosted several beautiful weddings and wedding photography sessions.
  • Car, beauty and other lifestyle brands have used it for product launches, media briefings, fashion shoots for magazines or private events for their most valued customers.

4. Is there a minimum number of nights per booking?

  • We have a minimum of 2 night’s stay applicable for weekends (Fri-Sun) and certain public holidays.
  • You can book it for just one night for most weekdays (Mon-Thurs).
  • We also take midweek day bookings for special events; you can speak to our Manager about such arrangements.

5. Are there more options for food items?

  • We do cater to different tastes, and can make special arrangements if needed.
  • And our team of village chefs is very happy to accommodate special requests for kampung favourites, provided the ingredients are available.
  • We do however advise our clients of two things:
    o The kampung fare that we serve is an experience unto itself, and not easily found in restaurants in the city. So it is certainly worth a try.
    o Any special catering has to be sourced from KL, which can add considerably to the cost of the stay, as everything has to be transported in from KL. We have limited kitchen facilities in Aman Rimba.

6. I am landing in Kuala Lumpur, and don’t have transport to get to Aman Rimba. Can you send a car for me?

  • Aman Rimba does not have its own fleet of vehicles.
  • If you are landing at any of the three airports in the Klang Valley (KLIA, KLIA2 or Subang Skypark), or at the main transport terminal of KL Sentral, there are coupon-based taxis that can take you to Aman Rimba. Prior booking is not necessary, though you can do it online.
  • Private car hires are available from many different providers (all available online), and self Jap ea tgh drive instructions are available on the website.

7. I have a group of 20 – 35 people staying at Aman Rimba, but would like to invite more friends / family members to join us for day time activities. Do you allow day guests to come in as part of a group?

  • Yes, we do accept day guests at Aman Rimba. Each guest is charged RM35/day for the use of our facilities.
  • Meals are charged separately, depending on the menu chosen.
  • Arrangements for day guests and their meals must be made in advance; please contact our Manager to discuss your requirements.

8. I have a group of more than 35 people; would you be able to accommodate us with additional beds and mattresses?

  • Aman Rimba is not designed for groups larger than 35 pax.
  • You may want to consider accommodating them in other properties in Janda Baik, and having them spend the day at Aman Rimba as day guests.

9. I am planning my own private event – can I bring in my own event organisers and suppliers?

  • Yes you can.
  • We do however have a list of recommended event managers, sound & light equipment providers, caterers, decorators and other suppliers who are familiar with the set up and requirements for staging events at Aman Rimba; we suggest you consider them.
  • Please contact our Manager for the list of suppliers.

10. I’m looking for a venue to host my wedding — would Aman Rimba be suitable?

  • Aman Rimba is perfect for weddings; its lush grounds and cool weather are a perfect backdrop to beautiful, intimate weddings of up to 250 guests.
  • We have played host to several weddings over the years, and our team is experienced in working with wedding planners and organisers to ensure a truly memorable, hassle-free celebration for you.
  • Please contact our Manager for more details on how to go about planning your special day.

11. Do you have safe & secure car park facilities at Aman Rimba?

  • Yes we do. Our main car park, contained within the Aman Rimba compound, can accommodate about 15 cars. Our gates are kept closed at all times, and only opened when guests arrive or leave the premises.
  • We also have a car park facility adjacent to Aman Rimba, which can be opened up to accommodate another 30 cars.
  • During larger events, our guests are also allowed to park along the road leading to Aman Rimba.

12.Can I bring my pet(s) to Aman Rimba?

  • Pets are not allowed at Aman Rimba. We have ducks, birds and swans within our grounds, and need to ensure their safety at all times.